Our goal is to create fun nutritious foods with a break from the mundane. Our influences draws from Jamaican and American classics, such as jerk chicken, oxtail, beef patties, BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, etc. We offer the exclusive world-class Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, a must try even for the non-coffee sippers. Try it hot, try it cold, you are sure to find it delightful.
We at Jerk-n-Grind care for the well-being of all whom we serve, which is why we go to great length of preparing your foods the way we do. We believe in fairness and an equal exchange between product and customer.

Welcome to Jerk-n-Grind!

Jerk-n-Grind is a catering company offering food products of the highest quality. We've coupled this belief of quality ingredients with great preparation and execution second to none. In return, our customers are treated with an excellent final product worthy of their time and spending.


Jerk-n-Grind is a family owned and operated business, serving NYC, NJ and Lancaster, PA.  We provide quality food, professional service, and a flexible business environment, which has led us to provide our ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.
We are happy to assist you in customizing the perfect menu for your event.  We are sensitive to special requests for those with allergies or restricted diets. With our extensive drop off catering menu and ability to create custom menus, we can offer catering prices that will meet your budget.  Contact us at 347-922-8877 with any questions, at least 72 hours in advance.
Jerk-n-Grind caters to you anywhere and anytime with prompt and delicious deliveries for corporate and social functions, BBQs, dinner parties, birthdays, graduations, wedding rehearsals, film sets, and more!  We’ll happily cater your next business lunch or dinner, and we also specialize in serving pharmaceutical reps.   We are happy to deliver a gourmet feast to you anywhere you are – your own backyard, a public space, or a private venue.   

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